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 Queen City Cresteds 

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     My name is Thia and I am the owner of Queen City Cresteds. Ever since I was eight years old, I wanted a pet reptile. Instead of getting me a reptile, my mom bought me two hermit crabs. The challenge was, on my own, to care for the hermit crabs and keep them alive for a whole year to prove I had responsibility. And I did! A year later, I had a corn snake. His name is Reeo and, although he is old, I still have him today. I was lucky with Reeo because my mom had experience with snakes and mice feedings. However, live fed reptiles, especially finicky, temperamental little corns, aren't for everyone.  

     When I came across the Crested Gecko, I came across a low maintenance, good natured, and absolutely adorable reptile that isn't difficult or intimidating for new reptile keepers. They are the ideal first pet reptile. 

     As with most people who are passionate about something, I wanted other people to share my passion. I love crested geckos for their personalities and the variety of colors and appearances they come in. My crested geckos come from strong, healthy lines and while they are not all the fanciest morphs, they are affordably priced and raised to make great pets (although we do offer some really nice ones too). All I want is for people to experience and enjoy owning a reptile...and crested geckos are a great way to get started.  

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